About Us

Artificial Grass Web

Our company was created with the idea of bringing high-quality artificial turf directly to consumers and industry professionals.Artificial Grass Web provides a variety synthetic turf online all over United States. AGW believes in providing its customers with the most superior quality and latest technology available in the market.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by using high quality material and high-tech production method which is constantly monitored by technicians.Whether you are looking for fake grass for a landscape garden, a roof, a terrace or balcony, within US, you can be confident that Artificial Grass Web will meet your requirement.

Now you can make your order of artificial turf in a simple and secure way on our website, ordering the exact surface of artificial lawn required for your project.


Artificial grass is very strong and durable it will not be affected by weather conditions, pets, children play, high foot traffic or shaded areas.
It requires very little maintenance, and will look great all year round giving you more time to do other things in the garden.


All our artificial grass is covered by a 10 year guarantee. It is a high quality product that will give you many years of pleasure.

– Low Maintenance
– Child-Friendly
– Pet-Friendly
– Alternative To Real Grass


– No Mowing
– No Weeding
– No Feeding
– No Watering
– Looks Good All Year Round

The manufacturing process

R & D and Design

Taking into consideration the R & D parameters, an specific type of grass is designed for each application: Type of curl, fiber,height, color, …

Stitching and Tufting

When the fiber is available for the tufting, its stitched in the backing cloth of the product.

Sealing layer

Once the tufting process and quality control is completed, it proceeds to perform the sealing layer and the subsequent drying.


The turf is rolled into large v/lenghts and packaged. The roll size is adjusted to the client demands.


The fiber is manufactured according to the established design, process called extrusion..

Quality Control

A specialized team reviews each stitch, correcting errors manually.


The grass is collected after the quality control, now it’s ready for the posterior sealing layer.


Artificial Grass Web sells and distributes Real turf high quality artificial turf products around the United States